Global Logistics Management


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Global Logistics Management
The pace and character of economic development have created a tremendous Chinese appetite for strategic resources. This supply chain analysis will evaluate global supply and demand factors for nickel, copper, and petroleum, three substances in which China has immense present and future interest.
Any analysis of the valence of nickel, copper, and petroleum is greatly complicated by the fact that the world remains in a recession of unprecedented depth and duration, as well as by other geopolitical and environmental factors (see Lovelock for a particularly frightening discussion of the environment’s ability to slow or even shut down civilization).
Ramo has written convincingly of an age of the...
The end:
.....he spirit of Ramo’s book, the conclusion is that China should pay increasing attention to models of sustainable business that de-emphasize the need for these strategic resources. For example, should China make the pursuit of green and sustainable energy its top macroeconomic priority, it would contribute to a ‘thinkable’ world, as it were, while reducing the intense pressures its current strategy is imposing on the limited global supplies of global nickel, copper, and petroleum. China can choose sustainability over speed of growth.
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