Global Human Resource Strategies of IBM


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Global Human Resource Strategies of IBM
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Global Human Resource Strategies of IBM
IBM is a company which has a definitive global strategy particularly as it relates to how the company seeks to define their human resource capacities. The IBM website lists the following statement and associated imagery right at the beginning of the main page:
This catchy approach is followed by a list of values shared by IBM employees which includes:
Dedication to every client’s success.
Innovation that matters – for our company and for the world.
Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.
IBM outlined the context of the goals of the organization from a global
perspective. The company clearly wishes...
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.....ily benefited from a synchronized Human Resources program which sought to deliver a workforce which could help bring the overall global corporate objectives to reality.
IBM was forthright in their quest to gain intensive customer feedback. In parallel fashion, they utilized their workforce to deliver indepth internal knowledge which the company then put to use in crafting a well honed system which optimized the workforce capabilities as they pertained to the overall corporate objectives. This approach was brilliant in no small part.
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