Global Climate Change Become a Topic of International Politics


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Global Climate Change Become a Topic of International Politics
Global climate change became a topic of international politics in the 1970s because of the increased prominence of civil society in this area (the increased prominence of Greenpeace, for example) and because a more active civil society forced political institutions to acknowledge the perceived problems of global climate change. Furthermore, members of the scientific community also began to express concerns about climate change over time – though it is true that a great deal of this science has been called into question.
Justification and literature review
The justification for this paper is that climate change is something that people should be interested...
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Puppim de Oliveira, J.A. “The implementation of climate change related policies at the sub-national level: an analysis of three countries.” Habitat International, 33.3(2009): 253-259.
The study looks at sub-national governments in Japan, Brazil and Germany. The suggestion is that adaptation policies are more recent than are mitigation policies.
Rissel, C.E. “Active travel: a climate change mitigation strategy with co-benefits for health.” New South Wales Public Health Bulletin, 20.1/2(2009): 10-13.
This source looks at how NSW is falling behind other Australian regions. The source is mostly concerned with highlighting the benefits of non-motor vehicle transportation – which suggests that NGOs may have a role to play here.