Giuseppe Verdi: A Nineteenth Century Italian Composer


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Giuseppe Verdi: A Nineteenth Century Italian Composer
Giuseppe Verdi was an Italian musical and opera composer who was very important and famous during the nineteenth century around the world. Verdi was born in a small town near Parma, Italy in 1813, which is in the middle of northern Italy, near Milan ( Verdi first began to be interested in music when he heard the organ being played at his church when he was very young ( When he was seven years old, Verdi’s father bought him a small used piano called a spinet so that he could learn to play music at home ( Verdi became a very good musician very quickly, and started to play the organ for the church of San Michele
The end:
.....because he was a representation of what Italians wanted from their country, even though they had been invaded by Napoleon. Verdi’s music and ideas still live on today, in many opera houses, all across the world.
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