“Ghetto Slang”: Language Amongst Urban African-American Adolescents


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“Ghetto Slang”: Language Amongst Urban African-American Adolescents
The following paper looks at the English used by African-Americans who happen to live in the urban centers of the United States. The paper will look at the slang or the terminology used by these youth and what purpose such slang serves; as we shall see, there is an effort on the part of those who use such language to differentiate themselves from outsiders and to create an internal culture that is markedly different from the culture of the mainstream. Ultimately, the language has value in the sense that it does create an authentic culture – but it is an open question whether or not that culture is one that is truly beneficial to all concerned and whether or not it really...
The end:
.....reported, but such inventiveness is plainly a creative endeavour that young people desperately need as they grapple with the challenges of remaining faithful to their African-American heritage even as the job market, the school curricula, and the coercive instruments of the state are manipulated by someone else.
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