Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa


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Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
This paper shall examine the geography of Sub-Saharan Africa with respect to the economic and human activities on the continent. It will briefly describe the geography and climate. The mineral wealth and its impact are explored. The paradox of an abundance of vegetation and difficulties in developing agriculture are analyzed. The ability of some nations to transcend geographic limitations is related and contrasted with the inability of other nations to translate geographic abundance into an acceptable standard of living for the populous.
Resource and Environmental Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
The continent of Africa is vast and diverse with an abundance of resources located throughout the...
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.....ll the shortcomings of the geography can be overcome. Geography does not appear to be the limiting factor and where it yields a bounty it is just as apt to withhold its gifts and place a strain on the economies and population of the continent.
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