Geoengineering: Are We Ready Yet?


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Geoengineering: Are We Ready Yet?
Global warming is a terrifying reality, and rapidly getting worse. Tamminen (2006) sums up the scientific consensus that the earth has warmed by one centigrade over the past century, and that a further warming of two to three degrees centigrade can be expected in the coming century (p. 89). Hollander (2004) argues that the consequences of climate change include severe weather, devastation of coasts and islands, and the spread of disease (p. 84). Given these threats, it is no wonder that geoengineering is occupying a more prominent place in the public and scientific imagination.
Geoengineering is an inherently ambiguous term, argues Watts (2002), because it can refer to any of a number of disparate ways to...
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