Genogram and Ecomap Family Assignment


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Genogram and Ecomap Family Assignment
My family originated in Nigeria. Each of my parents and all of my siblings were born and raised in Nigeria. I and several of my siblings moved to the United States approximately twenty years ago; I was about twenty years old at the time. Most of my family remains in Nigeria, however, including my parents and six of my brothers and sisters. Even though I have largely become acculturated to United States customs, social norms, and interpersonal interactions over the past twenty years, I still feel incredibly connected with my Nigerian roots, in large part because so many of my immediate and extended family members still live there. I have been strongly influenced by my experiences while growing up in...
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.....ates, and even different parts of Los Angeles, I have a good idea of how my clients who are disenfranchised in various ways in contemporary culture have felt during their lives. Even when I have not experienced a certain privilege or a certain prejudice that my future clients might have, I do understand that people need to be taken as complex beings with agency, even when they have experienced constant disenfranchisement over the course of their lives. Everyone is individual and deserves dignity, honesty, and respect for their experiences, their problems, and their strengths. These basic principles of social justice and social work are embedded in my life, and I expect that they will remain so in my professional practice as a social worker.