Genetic and Health Laws


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Genetic and Health Laws
An ethical issue in the Cooke case is the use of genetic information to discriminate against Amy Cooke. The concept of insurance makes discrimination a possible course of action in approving and denying insurance applications. This is because of the principle of which insurance companies use in their operations.Individuals under the insurance plan are categorized by their degree of risk and the cost of insurance is determined based on medical data, family histories, lifestyle and demographics. The categorization of applicants based on data collected and can be perceived as a form of discrimination. However, this is the principle that is used in the industry for the equitable distribution of risk. Insurance companies...
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.....e is with genetic testing. She does not have grounds to file a lawsuit against the insurance company based on the initial rejection because she was rejected because of her family history. Insurance companies routinely use the family history to perform risk assessments.There are no Canadian laws prohibiting the transmission of genetic information to insurance companies. Amy Cooke can have the test done and file a lawsuit against the insurance company for discrimination if she is denied insurance coverage. Amy’s legal grounds for the lawsuit will be the violation of section 15 of the charter because of the discrimination against her due to her existing genetic disability. Performing the test will provide the evidence of her genetic disability