Gender Trouble, Feminism and Subversion of Identity


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The beginning:
Gender Trouble, Feminism and Subversion of Identity
Thesis statement of article
Her essential thesis is that gender is socially constructed by the powers of society.
Summary of the article
It appears as though Butler wants to explore what construct of power creates the binary relation between men and women and between the subject and the other; she wants to unravel the forces behind gender hierarchy and the forces that make heterosexuality compulsory. She wants to explicate whether or not “female” is a cultural performance or a real, biological demarcation. Additionally, she wants to explore the foundational categories of identity and she wants to get into the heart of how language constructs categories of sex. And, as a feminist, Butler...
The end:
.....sroom because I suspect that she is not as interested in levelling the playing field as replacing the old patriarchal and masculinist discourse with a matriarchal and feminist discourse. Also, what does she mean by the expression that gender is not a noun? Even if something is artificially created, it is still a “thing” and still denotes something, right? Also, why must the feminine be a site of transgressive multiplicity as Butler argues on page 19? Cannot a man also have multiple meanings and areas of contestation? I found that part confusing as well.
Butler, Judith. “Preface” and “Chapter One: Subjects of Sex/Gender Desire.” In Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, vii-xii, 1-34. New York: Routledge, 2010.