Gender Stereotypes in our Contemporary World: A Look at Hillary Clinton


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Gender Stereotypes in our Contemporary World: A Look at Hillary Clinton
The following paper looks at the person of Hillary Clinton as depicted in the media. The paper notes that this person’s actions are inconsistent (in terms of her professional competence) with the usual depiction of public women in the spotlight but the manner in which she is portrayed in the media does reflect characteristic gender stereotypes as long found in our North American society. The thoughts, beliefs and self image of this writer are not negatively impacted insofar as I am mature enough to recognize inappropriate memes and to discount them; for young women who are younger than myself and very impressionable, it is possible that the aforementioned features of...
The end:
..... certain ways when occupying those positions; when that occurs, the toll in terms of the loss of human potentiality becomes very manifest and problematic for the society at large. Any stereotypes that harm either gender really do harm us all and the key will be finding a delicate balance that allows both to flourish.
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