Gender Roles and Stereotypes: A Comparison of Three Short Stories


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Gender Roles and Stereotypes: A Comparison of Three Short Stories
This paper looks at gender roles and stereotypes as they manifest themselves in three short stories. The paper looks specifically at three stories: Cinderella, the short story “Precious,” and at “X: A fabulous child’s story” – the last one penned by Lois Gould. The paper will note how the stories tend to revolve around women feeling the need to alter their physical appearances to appeal to the charming man; the paper will also note how the female protagonist appears to be called upon to act like a princess while the male protagonist is called upon to act like a prince. At the same time, however, while it is fashionable to assert that negative gender stereotypes only impact...
The end:
.....e really offers a clear vision for what the healthy rearing of a child might be; the other two embrace stereotypes that alternately create mischief for both men and women. In the final analysis, demanding that women allow themselves to be commodified or expecting every young man to be a handsome prince (or depicting men as ugly “judes”) is simply inappropriate and counter-productive.
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