Gender Differences: Nature vs. Nurture


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Gender Differences: Nature vs. Nurture
The issue of gender roles is among the most contentious debates in psychology and the social sciences. While historically it was long believed that our gender roles were biologically and evolutionarily determined, more recent psychological and theoretical criticism has argued that gender differences are primarily constructs shaped by social learning (Lind & Brzuzy 2008). This essay will discuss this debate over gender differences and nature vs. nurture with respect to biology and learning. It will be argued that neither nature nor nurture dominates in determining gender roles, but that the scientific consensus is that both are complex determining factors in shaping gender differences in human...
The end:
.....ological factors to shape these gender roles. It must be concluded, however, that the only consensus is that the degree of influence of nurture vs. nature over these gender differences is complex, and will likely remain contentious for years to come.
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