Gardening as a Leisure Occupation Integrating Occupational Therapy Theories


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The beginning:
Gardening as a Leisure Occupation Integrating Occupational Therapy Theories
The purpose of this paper is to critically report my participation in gardening as a leisure occupation integrating occupational therapy theories and synthesizing knowledge of the occupation and its development of social, psychosocial, lifespan and environmental effect on the my health and community. In critically appraising gardening as a leisure occupation, I reviewed occupational theories and assessed gardening in relation to occupational therapy. I used research information from occupational therapy journals and textbooks on the subject of gardening and occupational therapy. On a personal level gardening enhanced my physical strength and endurance,...
The end:
.....nd Well-Being
Social Environment
Development of Occupation
Physical EnvironmentSpider Diagram Illustrating the relationship between the factors associated with Gardening as a Leisure Occupation
Barriers:Fear of PainLack of Skills
AestheticWarmthGreener EnvironmentShadeCoolness
‘Generativity”Nurturing the EarthLeaving a legacy on Earth
Appendix BDiagram Illustrating Gibbs Reflective Cycle (Andy Roberts Learning Journal, 2010).
Description:What happened?
Feelings: What were your thoughts and feelings about the experience?
Action Plan:What would you do differently?
Evaluation: What was good and bad about the experience?
Conclusion:What other things could you have done?
Analysis: What sense can be made out of the situation?