G20 Protests from a Marxist Perspective


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G20 Protests from a Marxist Perspective
From June 25 to June 27, the G20 met in a fortified location in downtown Toronto.  On Saturday 26 a small group of black clad “protestors” smashed windows and vandalized police cars.  On Sunday 27 the police conducted a number of mass arrests around the city(Poisson,2010,p.GT.3).  The question is how do you make sense of these events and the media’s treatment of them?
In this essay it will demonstrated how the events of the G20 can best be understood using the Marxist perspective of criminality.  This theory suggests that the media in conjunction with police, business and governmental forces seek to set classes against each other in order to maintain the status quo. This involves a combined strategy...
The end:
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