Future of the Canadian Economy as the Government Stimulus Ends


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Future of the Canadian Economy as the Government Stimulus Ends
Question 1 – 3 pages
How does Canada’s federal system affect economic policy in the recovery?
Canada’s federal system clearly impacts economic policy during the recovery period in the sense that different areas have different governments responsible for them; for instance, local works and undertakings are the responsibility of provincial governments whereas something like the borrowing of money on the public credit is done by the federal government. Thus, local initiatives to get the economy moving again will have to be synchronized with what the federal government is after in terms of sparking a recovery; at the same time, since the provinces are limited in their capacity to...
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"Today's result shows that the stimulus our government is making available is doing exactly what it was intended to, creating jobs and saving businesses in Canada during this global recession," he said in a statement.
The BDC says loans were up across the country.
Every region posted an increase.
"Right across the country, our teams have worked flat out to help entrepreneurs put together the financing they need to develop their businesses," BDC executive Edmee Metivier said.
"These results were achieved by working closely with our colleagues from private sector financial institutions to ensure that viable enterprises have access to the financing they need to keep growing."
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