Funeral Planning: Your Final Decision


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Funeral Planning: Your Final Decision
Funeral planning is an essential, but often avoided topic. According to the Baltimore County Commission on Aging, "we may feel that planning for the inevitable will cause it to happen sooner" (BCDA, 2007, p. 5). Religion and politics are taboo at almost all family gathering, and talking about death is usually included in that list. Often, in familial discussion, there are too many viewpoints, and too deep of emotions, and a simple discussion can erupt quite literally into fisticuffs. Because of this, and other complex emotional reasons, the decision of funeral planning is avoided, until it is too late. A responsible person, however, makes it a point to prepare for the eventual, so that those who are...
The end: those closest to you your desired plans and what you wish to occur once the time comes in a wise and mature choice to make. The least expensive and I felt least painful for my family was immediate cremation, and it means just as it says. The body is taken immediately and cremated. There is no holding time. The ashes end up weighing between seven and ten pounds. Perhaps this was not the ideal moment to bring up the subject to my husband, so I offered my apologies. But when the moment of truth comes, I think he will be grateful for the conversation. A much needed one.
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