Fullerenes and Nanotechnology


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Fullerenes and Nanotechnology
Fullerenes are particularly well suited for nanotechnology as the materials of the future will need to be strong yet small. One particular example of why fullerenes will become an integral component in the methodologies of nanotechnology is due to the fact that electronics will become an increasingly critical aspect of the modern and future world. Carbon nanotubes can “carry more than 100 times more current than the best metals” (Gruner 77). It was less than 30 years ago that all telephone conversations, with the exception of the government and the wealthiest of individuals, were conducted on hardwired lines. The advent of the mobile phone has radically changed the scope of social and economic activity....
The end:
.....ture human existence.
Fullerenes are molecules which seem perfectly designed to work within the framework of nanotechnology. These developments bode well for a planet which seems to be advancing feverishly on some levels but still remains fettered in a time which is neither savage nor wise. Perhaps fullerenes will light the way.
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