Frequency of Suicide in America Society


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An Analysis of the Frequency of Suicide and the Life Span Developmental Motivation for Suicide in America Society
This psychological study will analyze the growing frequency of suicide rates at the national levels in American society. Furthermore, the lifespan developmental stages of childhood, adolescence, middle adulthood, and late adulthood will be examined in the motivations for suicide. By understanding increased frequency of suicides in American culture from 1990s to 2008 (the most recent studies), statistics show a variety of differing motivations based on economic status, peer pressure, and behavioral problems to be the most common n problems associated with this psychological phenomenon in U.S. society.
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.....cally functions as in previous years, the elderly may feel inclined toward suicide. These factors, by no means, are dominant factors in the behavioral reactions to old age in a majority of elderly persons, but they are important motivational factors that may influence a suicide in this age group.
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