Frances “Fanny” Wright’s Advocacy for Women


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The beginning:
Frances “Fanny” Wright's Advocacy for Women
Frances “Fanny” Wright was one of the earliest activists to advocate for women and other disenfranchised groups in society. Early on in her life, she recognized the cruelty of the society into which she was born and the inequity, both socioeconomically and in terms of political power, that societal norms had created. She specifically spent her life working for human rights, the gradual abolition of slavery, free public education and birth control. In particular, it was novel in the early 19th century for a woman to be so vocal and instrumental in each of these causes (
, 1984).
What was curious about Ms. Wright was her widespread travels that spanned both the Old and New...
The end:
.....d to protect the safety and rights of workers and artisans (
, 1984).
Summary and Reflection
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