“France vs. Britain” in Canada: Was Britain Bound to Win?


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"France vs. Britain" in Canada: Was Britain Bound to Win?
The following paper looks at the matter of France and Britain in the dominion of Canada during the eighteenth century and asks whether or not it was fated that the British were to win the Seven Years’ War at the end of the day? The argument that arises is that the British were destined to win because of their greater flexibility; the resources flowing in from wealthy India; and, lastly, the British were destined to emerge victorious because the French had done a good job of alienating the local native groups upon which the French depended for assistance during the course of the bitter skirmish. At the end of the day, as soon as India was won and Fort William Henry fell, the...
The end:
.....upport they depended; when they lost Native Canada, it was inevitable that the French would lose because the British were, generally speaking, far more skillful at enlisting local support. When taken as a whole, it is easy enough to conclude that France was not going to win this battle because it did not have the tools to do so, the supple army to do so, and the friends to do so; its fate was sealed.
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