Fox’s Overcoming the Parkinson’s Disease


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The beginning:
Fox's Overcoming the Parkinson's Disease
Sometimes in life, people can be thrown curveballs and the unexpected, things that alter their lives forever. And as we watch the way these people react and respond to the challenges presented to them, we have the opportunity learn and gain insight into our own lives. Along these lines, one person who I admire and learn from about life is Michael J. Fox. This report talks about him in terms of who he is and why I selected him for this discussion. A close analysis is also provided concerning the basic principles and ideas that have helped him experience success in his fight against Parkinson’s disease. And finally, discussion wraps up with a thoughtful reflection on how the principles of Michael J....
The end:
.....eer and happy marriage. And then he developed Parkinson’s disease and everything changed. But he reached down into the depths of his soul and found that giving up on dreams and life is not an option. Acceptance, optimism, perseverance, and belief in oneself become the variables in a winning formula that can help anyone achieve their goals and ambitions.
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