Four Methods of Strength Training


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The beginning:
Four Methods of Strength Training
The following discussion compares and contrasts four methods of strength training. Pros and cons are explained for: 1) Super Sets, 2) Forced Reps, 3) Pyramid System, and 4) Periodization.
Supersets are a workout technique involving two or more exercises completed in succession without any rest in between (Wuebben and Stoppani 82). One benefit of supersets is that the same muscle group can be worked with the superset. This can result in the achievement of an intense workout for the muscle group. It also promotes what is called muscle overload but does not require heavy weight lifting. Supersets are great for cardiovascular activity because the superset routine elevates heart rate significantly....
The end:
.....n the final analysis, weight lifters can consider the pros and cons of each of these training methods and choose programs that fit their needs and goals.
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