Founding Forays: An Examination


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Founding Forays: An Examination
Two explorer narratives and the historical debate over the founding of Australia
The historical debate over why Australia was chosen as a colony is an ongoing theme in Australian historiography. It has yet to be resolved, but a broad consensus on the basic facts does exist. Most historians will agree that there were multiple factors motivating the British to establish a colony at Botany Bay. These factors can be divided into three categories: penal, commercial, and strategic (Farrell 53). Based upon the primary sources examined herein, this is an accurate conclusion.
The journals of Thomas Mitchell, Three Expeditions into the Interior of Australia (1836), and Matthew Flinders, Voyage to Tera Australis Vol. 1...
The end:
.....viability of Australia. What their writings do not tell us is what the overriding reason was for establishing a colony in Australia. It surely involved penal, commercial, and strategic factors, but there is little guidance in the journals as to how those factors would be prioritized in terms of causation. It is no wonder that the debate amongst historians over the issue is an enduring one.
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