Forbidden City in China


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The beginning:
Forbidden City in China
The images that were presented on the home page of the website filled with vibrant in color and there was a map image of the Forbidden City that when you placed the cursor on the colored square where and what the structure was in the Forbidden City was revealed. I like this feature. I felt that I was literally able to virtually walk from on end of the Forbidden City to the other.
Aesthetically the gentleness of Chinese art and culture comes through in the colors selected for the website. The colors throughout the site are calming and relaxing. Aesthetics is a philosophy that focuses on the mature of beauty and the designers of the Forbidden City virtual tour succeeded in creating an online work of art that...
The end:
.....rtual tour is to give freely what nature has offered the people of China who follow the Dao. The virtual tour is filled with an expression of nature’s beauty that is creative, vital, respectful, filled with honor and dignity of the Chinese people. Every viewer has discovered a retreat from society so that they may develop their spiritual path.
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