Food Manufacturers’ Responsibility towards the Obesity Crisis


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The beginning:
Food Manufacturers’ Responsibility towards the Obesity Crisis
I. Introduction
A. Hook/General/Background Statements: ____
Obesity in adults and children has become a very big health issue and is causing the nation to spend
millions of dollars in medical costs related to obesity. Even the First Lady has taken up the obesity issue
and is trying to make everyone aware of how widespread it has become and how to prevent it through
diet and exercise. Some restaurants have started putting more healthy foods on their menus, and also
putting calorie information for each food item on their menus to help customers make good decisions
about which foods to eat. Yet it is also up to the customers themselves to choose the right kinds of
foods to keep...
The end:
(“should” statement) should be the ones held responsible for the products they sell
because they make and sell foods that are not very healthy, with a lot of fat, sugar and salt as in many processed foods like TV dinners (1st reason), some of them advertise their food products in a way that show they are good for you, even though it may not be true (for example, fruit drinks that do not contain real fruit juice) (2nd reason) and they spend millions of dollars in advertising, which is a very powerful way of affecting people in the food choices they make (for example, they would probably pick a name brand type of food which may be fatty instead of something else that may be healthier but which they have not heard of) (3rd reason).