Florence Nightingale and Significant Milestones in Nursing


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The beginning:
Florence Nightingale and Significant Milestones In Nursing
The photographs and renderings of Florence Nightingale portray a woman who appears the very personage of Victorian rectitude: unsmiling, head often bowed slightly, as if to submit to the will of more powerful males.
However, the images do not match the accomplishments of Nightingale, which were simply gigantic, particularly in light of the limitations placed on 19th Century women. The biggest is among the reasons this paper is being written: the formalization of nursing education.
Nightingale also, directly or indirectly, contributed to three other major developments in the nursing profession: the improvement of sanitation at hospitals, particularly those operated in military...
The end:
.....tter than what she would have received were she stricken in her youth.
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