Five Minor Prophets


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Five Minor Prophets
Imagine a fish big enough to swallow a man. In the book of Jonah, the story is that the Lord prepared a fish big enough to swallow Jonah and when Jonah repents for his attitude toward his ministry the fish vomits out Jonah. The Book of Jonah is unique because it is gives both a humanitarian and religious outlook. Jonah lived during the eight century B.C., but there is not a lot of information about Jonah. The Book of Jonah is written during the time that Assyria was preoccupied with the mountain tribes of Uratu. Israel was happy about this because it gave them time to build their own defense system. While Jonah was close to God, Jonah’s thought about his ministry was that he was willing to serve the Jews, but not...
The end: the way that they were living. One sign of disobedience was that the way the men treated the women by divorcing their wives. Malachi realized the way that the Jews were living was going to destroy the people. Malachi was serious in his messages to the people that they had stolen from God, that their divorces was not pleasing to God, and the way they were living was not pleasing to God. The primary message of Malachi is that even though the Jews repeatedly turn from God, God continues to love them.
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