Five Management Case Studies


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Five Management Case Studies
1. Case Study One: Geoff's Retirement(1) Of the three questions I would possibly ask Geoff about being a good first-line manager, the first one would be how he gets a team of disparate people to work together as a team over the long term. The second question might relate to how he learned to introduce new technologies and methodologies and accustom his subordinates on staff to using them. Finally, I might ask how he interfaces with both customers and hospital administration, two stakeholders that were not discussed in the original case study text.(2) It is stated that Geoff has been a catering superintendent at a hospital for nearly thirty years prior to his planned retirement. It is also indicated that Geoff...
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.....instrumental approach and intention to stick to his given job description can be best utilized. It may be that Bruce knows his own limitations best, and can do his best work in this individual capacity. Thus, rather than removing him altogether Linda should first attempt to give him the chance to work at the level with which he is comfortable. Later on, if trust is established between the two, Linda may try to slowly bring Bruce into more team-oriented projects.
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