Five Important Attributes for Teaching


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Five Important Attributes for Teaching
The first attribute of an excellent teacher is subject-matter and child psychology knowledge. Educators must keep current on not only subject matter information but on pedagogical theories that will help them meet their objectives in the classroom, as well as changes to the educational frameworks in their school districts. In my personal experience, I have continued to build on my professional knowledge in providing children with education over the last five years at the post-secondary level. I have acquired more complex education over the years, building from a Diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services to an Honours Diploma in Early Childhood Education to my present degree studies in Early Childhood...
The end: knowledge in the long term.
The last difficulty teachers face in striving to meet diverse needs are hidden learning challenges. At Flamenco and Calico Elementary Schools, for example, I worked with children who were affected by food security issues; most of these children did not have healthy food for their meals which made learning more difficult. Children living in poverty at these schools were also affected by a lack of proper clothing and school supplies. Teachers must possess an ability to search for the clues that help to identify children in need of support, because children will not always be forthcoming. Teachers will have to work with schools to address these issues with parents or community agencies carefully and respectfully.