Five Characters: Baltimore Drug Culture and “The Wire”


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Five Characters: Baltimore Drug Culture and "The Wire"
As the leader of the University of Maryland’s Drug Policy Clinic noted in 2005, three years after The Wire first aired on HBO, “Perhaps no city in the United States is more closely identified with drug addiction than Baltimore.” While the city certainly had been recognized for more than two decades as ravaged by the drug trade, its infamy as “Bodymore, Murdaland” — a moniker derived from the number of drug-related homicides in the city — most likely did not expand to national proportions until The Wire captured the attention of American viewing audiences.
David Simon, the creator of The Wire, is a staunch opponent of the so-called “war on drugs” and the effects it has had on American...
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..... the social system of drugs in the real Baltimore as any of its characters did on the Baltimore portrayed in the series.
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