First Peoples, Poverty and Homelessness


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First Peoples, Poverty and Homelessness
The scourge of poverty for First Peoples has been punctuated by a descent into the difficult situation of homelessness. Class discrimination is one of the main reasons for such tragic circumstances. The safety provided by the Canadian government, at federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal levels can only manage to circumvent the downward spiral of individuals to limited extents. Beyond cursory legislated mechanisms, the discrimination by society itself dictates that impoverished First Peoples continue to fall, thus homelessness can be a predictable outcome.
First Peoples were never truly one community, particularly in the form that they are now as defined by Canadian laws. Before the...
The end:
.....blem in Vancouver. Finally, the Kawulich and Curlette article gives a broad overview of ravages colonialism wrought on native cultures in the Americas.
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