Finding the Center of the Heart: Jacques Roumain’s “Masters of the Dew”


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Finding the Center of the Heart: Jacques Roumain's "Masters of the Dew"
The journey of the hero takes many forms. From the wandering man who finds finally his true heart, to the man who returns to his home and realizes his connection to the earth, each hero’s tale tells of the singularly human experience of life. In Haitian Jacques Roumain’s Masters of the Dew, the protagonist Manuel returns to his homeland Haiti from working at a Cuban sugar plantation. Armed with new social ideas that he learned in Cuba, Manuel attempts to unite the citizens of his homeland and end the drought that threatens the livelihood of the agrarian Haitian village. Obstacles abound, yet Manuel’s struggle for social equality and shared commitment to collective...
The end:
.....dew" (Roumain 158).
The remarkable journey of a simple man with a simple goal of uniting his people speaks to all cultures. Manuel’s journey, so simple and yet so heroic demonstrates the great sacrifice that each of us can make and must make in order for society to succeed. Magically, it does for Manuel, as his spirit lives on in the successful completion of the coumbite, the end of the drought, and the birth of Manuel’s child by Annaise. Magically, it also does for the Haitian people who are finally able to put aside their squabbles and unify to reach the common goal of escaping their self hatred, instead demonstrating pride for a culture so long oppressed.
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