Financial Research Report: AT&T


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The beginning:
Financial Research Report: AT&T
AT&T is a company in crisis. Founded in 1885 and acquiring a monopoly over telephone services in the U.S., AT&T was broken up by an antitrust ruling in 1982. Since then, AT&T has struggled to survive in an environment that is at once global and deregulated. Its particular weakness in the global market, and the loss of its equipment manufacturing arm, render AT&T more vulnerable than ever to deteriorating business conditions. AT&T’s stock is consequently unattractive.
AT&T faces a complex market. In 1885, when the company was formed, telephone services consisted of switching equipment, wires, and phone devices. Just over a century later,...
The end:
.....thrive over the coming decade; after all, it could also go the way of WorldCom.
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