Final Exam: Part II


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ENGL 1102
Final Exam: Part II
The two frames are significant because they offer insight into the importance of narrative structure and perspective in Watchmen. As for narrative structure, the two frames reflect the narrative’s tendency to quickly move from past to present. Both frames reflect the present crisis (the truth about New York): in the first
are embracing, and in the second there is a close-up of Rorschach’s masked face, which reveals a similar visual image. While
embrace may be seen as existing in the present, Rorschach’s image is linked to present and past traumatic events – witnessing his mother with a client and a past nuclear event (the Hiroshima lovers). Thus, within these...
The end:
.....n of both of the texts. The nuclear power status of both the American and Soviet governments had created much distrust in the public. Each government’s decisions had the potential to affect millions. For this reason, each text suggests two things about compromise: first, it should not be corrupted by politics; and second, if compromise must approach politics, then it should be based on logic and not passion.
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