Field Day at Roosevelt Middle School


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The beginning:
Field Day at Roosevelt Middle School
Father (Bill) and daughter (Rose) are attending the 4th grade field day at the Roosevelt Middle School. All the children at the middle school are wearing hats, tennis shoes, and comfortable clothes so that they can play multiple games including relay races, soft ball throw for distance, and one mile run. Ribbons will be given to those who win the different games. One week before this field day, Mrs. Jones sent a letter to all the parents inviting them to the field day and requesting that the parents bring sack lunches for picnics (Faulkner). The field day at Roosevelt Middle School centers on the children and parents having a great time so that children and adults will spend quality time at school.
The end:
.....ldren and parents enjoyed the beach ball volleyball. The next part of the field day is hearing high school choir.
The parents and students go into the auditorium so that they can hear the high school choir. Parents and children listen quietly while they enjoy the different songs that the high school choir performs. Once the performance is over, the middle school principal announces that the field day is over and that she hopes that everyone enjoyed their day.
Bill and Rose, father and daughter, discuss the high points of their field day. They also discuss how much work the school did to create a fun field day that both parents and children will enjoy. Bill and Rose state that they have enjoyed the quality time that they have spent together.