Feminist Thinking: The Links between Gender, Racial, and Social Issues


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Feminist Thinking: The Links between Gender, Racial, and Social Issues
In a discussion of feminist thinking, it is important to see the links between gender, racial, and social issues. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and to see the connection between these concerns helps us see how understanding all identity issues helps us find ways to end them.
In Kim Anderson’s “The Construction of a Negative Identity,” the author explores the reasons why and the justification for the negative images of Native womanhood. In delving into this history, she hopes to understand how the stereotypes were developed, how they became so pervasive, and how they affect current Native women. These stereotypes were created to ease the guilt of the colonizers who needed...
The end:
..... to come together in positive way. We must each be individually accountable for understanding the experiences of other races, genders, and social classes.
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