Fathers Compared


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This paper shall compare and contrast two father figures. Leo Buscaglia’s Papa is contrasted to the Geoffry Wolfs Memories of My Father. The commonalities between the imposing father figures are examined. The divergent personal ethics of the two men are analyzed. A conclusion is reached that although both fathers lead radically different lives, they were a profound influence and teacher to their sons.
Fathers Compared
Fathers can be intimidating and imposing figures to impressionable young men. They are often the source of immeasurable education by the examples they provide and the life lesson they imperfectly try to impart to their progeny. They can be the heroes of a young man’s youth or the villain of one’s life story, but the...
The end:
..... identification at the edge of the Pacific two weeks after he had died (Wolf, 1990, p.11). They both were influential on their sons, both taught them invaluable life lessons, one through example of hard work and perseverance and one through the error of his ways and his personal lack of character. A father leaves a legacy with his son and in turn as the son attains adulthood they too in turn will leave a legacy with their own children, the question is do you want to teach your children through good example or aversion to your unfortunate fate.
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