Fast Food, The Poultry Industry and the Economy


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Fast Food, The Poultry Industry and the Economy
The fast food industry is most definitely a part of American daily life. It is something that is all around America, from roadside to airports. Still, the products in these restaurants come at a cost. They may be cheap, but this cheapness is from high preservatives, chemicals and cutting corners that make the food not right for normal human eating. In particular, the chicken used in many fast food restaurants can be extremely harmful to people who eat it. Though it may be economical for fast food industries to use mass-produced and chemical chicken products, it is extremely unhealthy and bad for the American farmers.
The fast food restaurant industry has been a catalyst and a part of larger...
The end:
.....ast food industry, and this industry is dictating what American culture and economy is like. Though there are small victories, the way chicken and other products are made for the fast food industry needs to be reformed because they are unhealthy and exploitative to the farmers.
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