Fashion Sense of Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga and Avatar


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Fashion Sense of Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga and Avatar
Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga and Avatar have what in common? Outlandish style that’s what! The fashion sense of the designer, the singer and the film’s costume designer is outrageous, unique and can only be pulled off by someone or something extraordinary.
Alexander McQueen was a British fashion designer he made a career out of being shocking and unconventional. McQueen began his illustrious career at Givenchy where he designed for superstars like
, Lady Gaga and
. He had won British designer of the year four times before his suicide (Mower).
The runway collections of McQueen gave him a reputation of being controversial and a hooligan. His career took off when he...
The end: cultures boundaries. Such fads inspire young designers to use bright color, accentuate shape and beauty and be as creative as their mind and talent will allow them to be. Detail and depth is what the fashion world has gained from Alexander McQueen, lady gaga and Avatar. What will come next no one knows, but what can be predicted is that whatever it is it will be bolder, bigger and more over the top then the current fashion fad. Can you imagine?
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