Farming Experience and Ecology


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Farming Experience and Ecology
This past year I had the opportunity to spend some time on my brother-in-law Wayne’s corn and bean farm. The following report describes my experience in terms of the types of chores and daily activities that take place on the farm. In addition, discussion is also provided concerning how farming contributes to ecology and making the earth a better place.
In terms of a brief background, the corn and bean farm is located just outside Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is a 300 acre spread that has been passed down through the family for many generations. About 60% of the farm is used for growing corn. And the remainder is used for growing beans. Wayne has a highly automated system for farming with modern equipment of all...
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.....animals in an area where waste materials and feces cannot pollute the water. So overall, his farm like other well managed ones promotes ecology by protecting soil, water, and other natural resources.
In conclusion, my visit to the farm taught me about daily chores on the farm from routine maintenance of equipment to preparation of the soil, planting, fertilization, and insect control. Doing these things the right way promotes an ecologically friendly farm that helps minimize erosion and degradation of natural resources. And this makes the earth a better place.
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