Family Centered Care


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Family Centered Care
The family centered care approach enables the perspective of the family to have priority. The family’s perspective then is understood in terms of valuable information and insights that are crucial for the plan of care. Family centered care is characterized by partnership, attentive listening and respect for the family perspective, and sharing of information and insights. Family members have important information to enhance patient health and wellbeing, and nurses collaborate with the family to plan, provide, and evaluate care (Neal & Frost, 2007). Family centered care is based in partnerships among health care providers, patients and families as well as in open and honest collaborative relationship...
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.....aboration with the person and based on Watson’s theory, to make changes in his environment. I made it brighter with soft music and more color. I asked him if he would like to try therapeutic touch for his pain. According to Watson, the environment can be healing space and the nurse can be a healing environment (Alligood & Tomey, 2006). The nurse acts out of reflection that begins with her or his own lived experience.
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