Family Centered Care in the Maternity Setting


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Family Centered Care in the Maternity Setting
According to the Institute for Family Centered Care (2010), the family represents a culture of its own with its own unique values and strategies for achieving its goals. In the family centered care approach, the family is empowered because their involvement in health care is determined by the family. This paper is intended to provide an analysis of my experience where family centered care was not practiced and the changes which would need to be implemented in order to have family centered care. It will be clearly observed that major benefits not only for the family but also for nurses and the health care system are lost if family centered care is not being practiced. In order to have client...
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.....r had the potential to promote the many benefits of breastfeeding for his wife and child. If family centered care had been used, he would have been viewed as an essential part of the family and a valuable resource. The approach could be implemented relatively easily through education about its core concepts and elements and certain modifications to the unit design.
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