Family Centered Care


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Family Centered Care
When the family centered care approach is used, the perspective of the family becomes central. How the family views a particular situation is not simply understood in terms of additional information but as information and insights that will be vital to the plan of care. The approach is distinctive and among its hallmark elements is careful listening and respect for the family perspective, partnership, information and insight sharing (Family Centered Care, 2010). The approach is also culturally sensitive. The situation to be discussed is marked by a number of elements of family centered care but is also lacking in certain elements. The situation illustrates that the family is invariably the main source of...
The end: improves the ethical and professional role of nurses.
The situation was a combination of family centered care and the opposite. Although some elements of family centered care were present, they were basically cancelled out by bias and lack of concern for the family perspective. In order to have a real situation of family centered care, a number of important changes are needed.
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