Falls and the Elderly: Protecting Them in the Home


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Falls and the Elderly: Protecting Them in the Home
Part A: why it is important for nurses to understand, research and implement evidence-based practices that mitigate falling amongst the elderly
Falls in the home or in a residential care facility are a significant cause of injury to the elderly. Research carried out in Finland a few years ago makes it abundantly clear that the older a person is, the more likely it is that that individual will suffer an injury caused by falling. Males, in particular, are prone to falls (Lehtola et al, 2006). In other research, also from Finland, reports that nearly a third of injurious falls amongst home-dwelling elderly resulted in serious injury. Individuals who were divorced, unmarried, or widowed had...
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.....te in home-dwelling life. Archives of Gerontology & Geriatrics, 42(2), 217-224. 
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