Fall Prevention in the Hospital Environment


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Fall Prevention in the Hospital Environment
Application of the LEARN analysis
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Providing care to Mrs. R., an ovarian cancer patient was a challenge. The anguish of potential death made each minute potentially unbearable for her, and keeping her spirits up became the paramount focus. I realized as I glanced around the care setting that many objects, such as the table, the phone cord, and even the placement of the television remote on the edge iron railing on edge of the bed could become potential hazards that could cause falls. What if Mrs. R. were to grab for the remote, and lose her balance, which was already challenged by heavy medication? She would likely fall to the...
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.....les that can cause the falls will be addressed with precision. The goal I will have is that no injury occurs from falls, so that the patients who have come to the hospital to get better can eliminate worry from potential injury as a result of fall from their minds. It is the least that I can do.
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