Fairy Tale Representations of Women


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Fairy Tale Representations of Women
In looking at fairy tale representations of women and their places in the world, the limitations become obvious very quickly. Women in fairy tales are living in constant danger, and associations with males are the closest thing to freedom that women can enjoy. In this environment, women are basically in too much danger to be independent. Also, there are various kinds of danger. There is danger from the unknown outside world. There is danger from the known world, including family and community. Finally, there this danger from simply having an appetite for danger, that some girls and women just like it. The mystery of danger of the unknown draws female characters like a magnet. Two different...
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.....odern Age, these stories should be reminders of how far our species has come. Furthermore, women from other cultures who do not have the rights that we enjoy are still living under the tyranny of patriarchic rule. If anything, these stories remind of what our sisters on different continents are suffering right now. For this reason, we should not only give them aid and comfort however possible, but we should also be vigilant about protecting our own hard won freedoms. There are nations where a woman can be imprisoned for driving a car. These are the sorts of horrors that these fairy tales allude to, and they are not just blowing smoke. It has not been long since women could enjoy the prospect of marriage as a choice, rather than a necessity.