Fair Trade: The Future of Global Trading?


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Fair Trade: The Future of Global Trading?
International trade is an ever-evolving system. Protectionist policies that discouraged the import of goods through tariff surcharges or quota limits have gone by the wayside as countries learned of the benefit associated with freer trade. The global trading system has changed considerably just from the early 1990’s. NAFTA came to fruition, the European Union was borne through the Maastricht Treaty and trade between the West and Asia has skyrocketed. Just as many may have envisioned different outcomes for the state of trade as we entered the final decade of the twentieth century, there are also numerous views on the future of the global trading system as we enter the second decade of the...
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.....cotting those who ignore Fair Trade principles. It worked reasonably well the apparel manufacturers who operated sweatshops in the past, so there is reason to believe it may just work again. Works Cited
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