Failure of the Holocaust to Deter Future Evil


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Failure of the Holocaust to Deter Future Evil
This essay is about the regrettable failure of the legacy of the Holocaust to have created a valuable lasting or effective set of deterrents against future evils of Hitler’s most famous of all genocides. Shockingly, the worldwide outcry against atrocities like the Holocaust have wound up being semantic, rather than effective, policies against destroying groups of people or their cultures. The most concrete and the most controversial reaction to the Nuremberg Trials has been the creation of the state of Israel, which has created a set of issues on its own. Being the biggest result of the world’s attempts to address the Holocaust and deter future such things, Israel is more restitution to the...
The end:
..... the human rights initiatives resulting from the Holocaust, including the formation of the state of Israel, are to be applauded and encouraged. It is, however, going to be a while before homo sapiens knows how to address the most brutal aspects of our selves.
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