Facebook: A Powerful and Evolving Social Phenomenon


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Facebook: A Powerful and Evolving Social Phenomenon
The nature of communication itself is changing as technology continues to ply it into new forms. The sheer breadth of ways of communicating in the modern world is astonishing. Contemporary advances in technology have brought a myriad of new methods that are intrinsically tied to this generation. Social networking is an example of these new communicative evolutions. First in line of these networking sites is Facebook, a site that allows users to create individual profiles and communicate with other users in a number of easy and mobile methods. As it gains popularity across the globe it is becoming a powerful and evolving social phenomenon that has contemporary changed...
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.....ities; eventually, the site became a global dominator of virtual communication (McCarthy, 2010). Despite many offers, the company remains in private hands. This has also created an interesting dynamic in terms of how strategies and projects are created internally.
Most of the twentieth century saw a building of a privatized image of the self. It is incredibly interesting to see how social networking is rapidly destroying what took so long to compile. Facebook, and the new style of social networking it represents, has been rapidly eroding the private lives we have previously worked so hard to establish. There is therefore, a loss of the private self through this new form of communication facilitated through social networking. Research states